4/12/2019 3:01:18 PM

Restructuring the Agriculture sector, especially in the context of the current integration, requires the central role and decision of enterprises. With the strength of capital and technology, the enterprises will create a chain of agricultural products, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable development of agriculture.

6/14/2018 3:34:37 PM

In the morning of 4 May, the People’s Committee of Thai Binh city held a preliminary sum-up of the socio-economic development situation in the first 4 months, deployment of the central tasks in May and June 2018.

2/26/2018 2:46:30 PM

To implement the project "Propagandizing, training, advocating, and supporting women in solving some women-related social issues in the period of 2017-2027" in the province of Thai Binh

2/26/2018 2:36:45 PM

Plan To implement the project "Supporting women to start a business period 2017-2025 "in the province of Thai Binh

2/26/2018 2:23:32 PM

Article 1. To promulgate together with this Decision the Regulation on unified management of external activities of Thai Binh province.