Value of industrial production in 10/2018 was estimated at VND 4,638.5 billion

12:27 22/11/2018

According to the report of Department of Industry and Trade, the industrial production index in October 2018 increased by 6.7% over the previous month and increased by 14.3% over the same period in 2017.

Products of Aidi Electrical and Mechanical Company Limited, Thai Binh

The value of industrial production in 10/2018 was estimated at over VND 4,638.5 billion, increasing by 6.94% over the previous month and increasing by 1.01% over the same period in 2017. In which, the state economy was estimated to achieve VND 285.4 billion, increasing by 4.01%; non-state economy was estimated at VND 3,151.4 billion, increasing by 7.14%; Foreign invested capital economy was estimated at VND 1,201.7 billion, increasing by 7.13% in comparison to September 2018.

Mining industry was estimated at VND 29.9 billion, increasing by 1.7%; processing and manufacturing industries increased by 6.88% over the previous month; power transmission production and distribution, gas, hot water and air conditioner increased by 14.75%; water supply, waste and wastewater management and treatment activities increased by 2.16% over the previous month.

On trade activities, the total retail goods circulation level and consumption service revenue in 10/2018 were estimated at VND 3,478 billion, increasing by 1.68% over the previous month. In which, trade was estimated at VND 3,023.8 billion, increasing by 1.6%; hotel and restaurant were estimated at VND 262.4 billion; service was estimated at VND 191.8 billion.

The export turnover in 10/2018 was estimated at USD 146.2 million, increasing by 1.04% over the previous month. The import turnover was estimated at USD 111.6 million, increasing by 36.15% over the previous month. Some exported items increased sharply such as bamboo and rattan products; textile fiber of various types; paper and paper products...

During the month, the Market Surveillance Agency strengthened the inspection and handling of violations of food safety, activities of import and export, trade in pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, functional food and herbal plants. Focused on inspecting the subjects which transported, traded in forbidden commodities, smuggled commodities, firecrackers and children toys with violence nature… During the month, the Agency inspected 353 cases, handled 119 cases, the total amount of fines was VND 255,208 million.