Thai Binh City: A spacious and modern urban area

09:18 06/06/2020

Thai Binh city with synchronous urban areas, high-rise buildings, many key transport infrastructure works has been creating the features of a spacious and modern city.


Thai Binh city with synchronous urban areas, high-rise buildings, many key transport infrastructure works has been creating the features of a spacious and modern city.


The Executive Committee of the XXVII City Party Committee, term of 2015 - 2020 identified that one of the breakthrough steps was to build Thai Binh city as a civilized and modern one. In order to realize this goal, in recent years, the City Party Committee and People's Committee have coordinated with departments and branches of the province to focus on reviewing, making and adjusting urban planning projects, construction planning, Specialized planning, planning orientation, development of parks, trees, green spaces in detailed planning projects of wards and urban areas. The urban space is expanded in many directions with the construction of modern, synchronous urban areas, complete social and technical infrastructure. Completed the construction planning of the city until 2035, with a vision to 2050; prepared and completed 10 subdivision planning projects, 88 detailed planning projects to implement urban projects, new residential areas, resettlement areas to serve urban embellishment and create auction land fund such as: Dragon City, Hoang Dieu, Kien Giang, Hoang Van Thai, new urban areas of Vu Phuc and Vu Dong communes ... The presence of new urban areas not only contributes to positively addressing people's housing needs, but also promotes economic growth, creating better living spaces.

Along with large-scale projects and constructions, one of the breakthroughs creating the impression of modern urban areas is the traffic works. In the recent period, with a series of key works and projects completed and put into operation, not only improved the city's transport capacity but also became a highlight of architecture, landscape, expansion of urban space, it is the pride of the municipal people such as the southern ring road, Vo Nguyen Giap street, Ky Dong street, Le Quy Don street, Tran Phu street, the bridge over the Tra Ly River ... Urban infrastructure of the city was invested and built synchronously, bringing the appearance of the city into a clear change. The total capital construction investment from the city budget was estimated at VND 2,349 billion for 215 works list, completed and put into use 170 works. In addition, the renovation of urban beauty was also concerned by investing in connecting roads, residential infrastructure, water supply and drainage systems, sidewalks, trees, lighting power contributing to making the urban picture increasingly greener, cleaner, more beautiful and civilized. Along with that, the socio-cultural infrastructure was focused on investment commensurate with the remarkable highlights such as cultural works of Thai Binh Square, Uncle Ho Temple, the Monument of Uncle Ho together with Vietnamese farmers, Provincial Martyrs Temple. Many entertainment, service and commercial areas such as waterpark, Le Quy Don park, Vincom shopping mall, Dream Thai Binh hotel ... showed the rapid development of the city. Along with urban infrastructure, economic infrastructure also had strong and synchronous changes thanks to the attention and direction of the provinces and cities. Song Tra, Gia Le industrial parks, Phong Phu industrial clusters ... were invested in synchronous infrastructure, clean ground, creating favorable conditions to attract a number of large domestic and foreign enterprises to implement the investment. Up to now, all main streets of the city, parks and public areas in the city have been planted with trees and lawns. The rate of urban greenery land reaches 7,45m2/person; 6,200 new trees are planted, the area of ​​planned greenery increases by 114.1ha, reaching an average of 9.41m2/person, an increase of 0.7m2 compared to 2015; the annual rate of waste collection and treatment reaches over 95%; 100% of main streets have public lighting system.


Caring for flowers on Le Loi street (Thai Binh city).

The process of urbanization only expanded and developed new development areas under the planning but also accelerated the process of urban reconstruction, renovation and embellishment of inner city areas, so the city is actively restructure socio-economic space, reorganize functional sub-zones to develop industry, services, urban areas ... in a sustainable way, meeting development requirements. Continued to develop synchronously new urban areas according to modern and civilized standards; deployed the construction of satellite towns in association with better handling of housing issues, waste treatment and assurance of environmental sanitation, built up an urban civilized lifestyle. The city will mobilize all resources, create a breakthrough in infrastructure investment, especially in transport and frame technical infrastructure as a basis to accelerate the process of building Thai Binh city into a smart urban area.

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