Quynh Phu promotes the strength of spiritual cultural tourism

11:37 21/11/2018

Quynh Phu, a land of supernatural power and preeminent people over 2,000 years of formation and development, many relics with rich potentials on spiritual cultural tourism. Over the past years, the locality has paid attention to investment to preserve and promote the advantages and contribute to socio-economic development.

Contest for grinding rice cake in A Sao temple festival, An Thai commune (Quynh Phu).

Every year, in August of lunar year, the family of Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Dong Hai 1 Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong City has a trip to Quynh Phu for worshiping at Dong Bang Temple.

Mr. Thanh said: Dong Bang Temple is one of the sacred temples of the North, and the festival also has bold features of character, belief and culture in the Red River delta. On the occasion of “death anniversary of the father in August”, we come here to worship, pray for the good things in the life. In recent years, with the investment and upgrade, the material facilities are spacious, clean and safe, the security and order are ensured so visitors feel secure, happy as visiting and worshipping at Dong Bang Temple.

And with Ms. Duong Canh Minh, Trung Kinh Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, the impressive things when she first set foot on Quynh Phu land was the convenient transport system, friendly people and peaceful scenery.

Ms. Minh further said: I and my friend group decided to choose Quynh Phu as a stop on the way to visit and spend half a day to visit 3 ancient relics namely Dong Bang Temple, A Sao Temple and Long Khe Temple. Although being restored, the relics at the locality still retain historical value and ancient and solemn features. Especially, thanks to the good performance of the festival management, we did not see the scene of asking with insistence, increasing price with the tourists like some places, this thing creates good impression for us to return to Quynh Phu in the coming time.

Quynh Phu now has 525 relics in the inventory list, including 471 historical and cultural relics, 43 art architectural relics, 11 historical and art architecture relics. There are 16 relics, relics groups recognized as historical and cultural relics at national level, 84 relics and relics groups recognized as historical and cultural relics at provincial level. Typically, it should be mentioned the historical and cultural relic area at national level, Tuong A Sao temple, wharf, An Thai commune; Dong Bang Temple, An Le commune; Lach Khe Temple, An Khe commune with traditional festivals listed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the list of national intangible cultural heritages. In addition, many relics associated with spiritual tourism such as La Van Temple, Quynh Hong commune; Dong Linh communal house, An Bai town; Go temple, An Vu commune... With 109 traditional folk festivals associated with cultural and spiritual tourist sites, many festivals still preserve the performance games, folk games, traditional sport activities such as bat dat dance and the customs of carrying out the torch in An Khe commune; soil firecrackers contest in Quynh Minh and Quynh Hong communes; martial arts wrestling in An Le and An Vu communes; word pulling dance in An Thai and Quynh Minh communes... to help the visitors have an unforgettable experience when coming to Quynh Phu land.

Pham Hong Thai, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Quynh Phu District said: Over the pas time, Quynh Phu had many mechanisms of investing, preserving, developing and exploiting efficiently the potentials of cultural and spiritual tourism. In addition to taking full advantage of the efficiency of supporting sources, the district invested hundreds of billions of VND to restore and embellish the relics. In particular, the investment, planning of tourist points, construction of material facilities, synchronous and continuous traffic road system, created many links to the relics. Typically, it was the historical and cultural relic area at national level, Tuong A Sao temple, wharf, An Thai commune with the planning area of ​​31.7ha, the district invested the total construction expenditure of nearly VND 100 billion with many items such as Phu De area, temple yard... Currently, the project of Tuong wharf complex and remaining items of A Sao temple has a total investment of about VND 33 billion from provincial budget, it has been commenced from May 2018 and it is focused on construction, it is strived that to end this year, it will be completed and put into operation. Hundreds of relics, cultural and spiritual tourism festivals not only attract visitors to visit, worship to contribute to the completion of the socio-economic development objectives of the locality but also create a happy atmosphere, encourage the people to emulate to work and produce, successfully implement the National target program on building new rural area, successfully implement the resolutions of the Party congresses at all levels.

In the coming time, to efficiently exploit the strengths and bring cultural and spiritual tourism to become attractive tourism product, Quynh Phu continues to implement synchronously many solutions. In which, promoting the communication, promotion, good management of festival activities, restoring, developing cultural activities, creating more connected products and tours, and creating the friendly image to attract and retain the visitors.