Provincial Enterprise Association signed cooperation with Korean partner

12:30 12/11/2018

In the morning of 8 November, the Standing Committee of Provincial Enterprise Association held a working session and signed a memorandum of understanding in cooperation with Busan Design Center and the Centum Specialized Area Design Association of Korea.

Leader of Provincial Enterprise Association and Busan Design Center, Centum Specialized Area Design Association of Korea signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Mr. Do Van Ve, Chairman of the Provincial Enterprise Association presided over the working session.

At the meeting, the parties together shared and exchanged information to increase mutual understanding. Mr. Do Van Van, Chairman of the Provincial Enterprise Association, introduced some general features on geography, population, economic and social development potentials of Thai Binh province; mechanisms to encourage and attract investment of the province in the area and the situation of production and business of the enterprise community in the province over the past time; some fields with cooperation and development opportunities for international partners; organizational structure and main activities of the provincial Enterprise Association. The parties also discussed and agreed on some contents of mutual interest, wanted to have the cooperation of two parties in the coming time.

On the basis the consideration of benefits as well as cooperation willingness, the parties agreed to sign the memorandum of understanding to cooperate the tasks including: Commit to closely coordinate to achieve the purposes in the field of training cooperation; the parties cooperate to jointly develop the design projects; promote the cooperation between members of the parties; jointly carry out the projects with common interests and based on the agreement in the coming time. Special projects or programs are deployed on the basis of the joint cooperation project and will be signed by separate agreements. The parties evaluate the performance situation of the project, effectiveness of the project once every 6 months...

This is one of the activities in the program of external affairs of the Provincial Enterprise Association to enhance the role, prestige and responsibility of the Association, contribute to helping the enterprises in the province produce and do business efficiently, develop stably and be active in the international economic integration in the coming time.

In the afternoon of the same day, the Provincial Enterprise Association and the working delegation of Busan Design Center visited Nguyen Dinh Nghiem copper casting production and business enterprise in Tra Giang commune (Kien Xuong) and Tuan Duong embroidery production enterprise, Minh Lang commune (Vu Thu) - the enterprises that have traditional handicraft products interested in by Korea party to promote the trade.