Northern Delta International Agricultural Fair 2018: Promoting the development of agricultural sector of localities

12:41 22/11/2018

Northern Delta International Agricultural Fair 2018 in Thai Binh from 5 - 11/11 has been successful in many aspects. The most prominent result was the trade promotion activities at the fair contributing to stimulating the production and consumption of Thai Binh as well as other provinces in the region to increase.

Product of Dong Thanh green rice (Vu Thu) attracted the care of many customers.

This is the 13th year as Thai Binh organized the Northern Delta International Agricultural Fair. According to the evaluation of Mr. Nguyen Hoang Giang, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, through each period of organization, the scale of the fair is increasingly raised in terms of quality and quantity with the participation of many investors, domestic and foreign enterprises.

The Northern Delta International Agricultural Fair this year had the scale of 400 stalls of over 300 enterprises; in which, there was the participation of many enterprises with strong brand names in the agricultural field. The products brought to the fair at this time included agricultural products, processed food; agricultural products for rural areas; trade product and trade village; pet products; electrical, electronic and information technology goods; fashion; interior decoration.

During the days of happening the fair, the atmosphere of people visiting, shopping was always busy. This is a favorable condition for enterprises to promote, introduce and trade products.

Mr. Nguyen Van Duong, Thai Binh Construction and Mechanical Joint Stock Company said: Thanks to good implementation of propaganda and popularization about the fair by the organizer, many people knew about the fair. Therefore, our enterprise has the opportunity to approach, introduce new products of the Company to the people and sell the products at the fair.

Not only the enterprises of Thai Binh are excited to participate in the fair, but also many enterprises of the provinces in the Northern Delta area: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hung Yen... also find it really attractive as taking the products with strength of the company and locality to the fair.

Mr. Hoang Van Sy, Deputy Director of Tan Phat Company Limited (Bac Giang Province) said: Our company specializes in producing and trading in medium-quantity and silicon fertilizers used in caring for rice, crop plants and industrial trees. This is a new type of fertilizer that has many advantages: help farmers reduce the use of multi-quantity fertilizers; the plant grows, develops well, has less pestilent insects; the people limit the use of pesticides, contribute to the production of clean agricultural products, ensure food hygiene and safety. We hope that through this fair, Thai Binh farmers as well as other provinces in the region will know and use our products.

Most of the enterprises in the provinces in the North Delta area participating in the fair evaluated: the work of organizing the fair of Thai Binh is very professional and thoughtful. The position of organizing the fair is wide, favorable; the stalls meet the standards; big scale of the fair attracts many enterprises to participating in exchanging, sharing the experience, cooperating, associating the production and business for development together. The security work is very good; the services of food and drink, accommodation are cheap and convenient. The care and purchasing ability of Thai Binh people in the fair are more so the promotion of products, trade names and trade promotion of the enterprise reach the expected result.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, cadre of the Center for Industry Promotion and Trade Promotion (Department of Industry and Trade, Hung Yen province) in charge of the stalls of Hung Yen province said: Everyday, our enterprises approach thousands of customers and partners. The most excited thing is the cooperation between Department of Industry and Trade of Thai Binh province and Department of Industry and Trade of provinces and cities in the Northern Delta area to organize the activities: Seminar on introduction of scientific and technical advances, new products in the field of agriculture; customer conference, self-introduction enterprise forum... help the enterprises have more opportunities to cooperate, expand the market and determine the right direction and strategy of production and business development.

With many activities taking place, the Northern Delta International Agricultural Fair 2018 in Thai Binh is really a good opportunity to promote and introduce the achievements and economic development potential of the provinces in the region; open the cooperation opportunity for farmers, entrepreneurs and managers in orienting the development of agricultural and rural economy and international economic integration.