Imprint of Construction industry

02:53 27/04/2020

On April 29, 1958, the President Ho Chi Minh signed a decision on establishing the Ministry of Architecture (currently known as Ministry of Construction). One year later, Thai Binh Architecture Service (currently known as Thai Binh Department of Construction) was established.


On April 29, 1958, the President Ho Chi Minh signed a decision on establishing the Ministry of Architecture (currently known as Ministry of Construction). One year later, Thai Binh Architecture Service (currently known as Thai Binh Department of Construction) was established. Since then, Thai Binh Construction industry has made great contributions to the cause of national construction in general and socio-economic development in the province in particular.

A view of Thai Binh city.

The first steps

During the first days of establishment, the headquarters of Thai Binh Architecture Service only had a 5-floor house of grade 4; the force of the whole industry had 97 people; Party cell had 10 party members. The main task during this period was to build and renovate the province's buildings after peace in 1954 such as schools, medical stations, hospitals, and small-scale industrial and agricultural works, headquarters of State agencies; plan and build up the towns and districts, contributing to the implementation of the first 5-year plan (1961 - 1965) according to the Resolution of the 3rd National Party Congress.

Despite many difficulties, hundreds of construction works assumed by the construction industry were put into operation in a short time, typically the headquarters of Provincial Administration Committee, Bo Bridge hotel, Goc Mit Hospital, the mill, the provincial Party School, the town’s water tower ... In 1964 - 1965, the US imperialism escalated to ravage the North, the key works were still built as cattle-feed processing factories, complex of 5-storey works of Medical University, Vietnam - Bulgaria Hospital, Hung Nhan sugar, liquor and paper factory, Viet Hung mulberry factory, a series of breeding farms and rice seed storehouse in districts, headquarters of the administrative committees of districts and towns were maintained, repaired and upgraded. Besides, the Construction industry coordinated with other industries to implement the planning for building transport systems, medical, educational and cultural works to serve the province's political tasks, etc.


Producing hollow bricks at Dong Nam Construction Material Joint Stock Company.

Outstanding achievements

During the renovation from 1986 up to now, the Department of Construction has focused on the central task of assisting the Provincial People's Committee in state management of construction. In addition, the Department of Construction has cooperated with the People's Committee of Thai Binh Town to advise the provincial People's Committee to develop the planning of Thai Binh city up to the standards of third-class city recognized by the central government in 2004 and recognized as second-class city in 2012. Currently, it is actively completing to make Thai Binh city become a first-class city by 2020. A series of town plannings were approved (An Bai, Hung Nhan, Tien Hung, Chau Giang, Thai Ninh, Nam Trung towns). Planning for upgrading Diem Dien and Tien Hai urban centers as fourth-class urban areas. Until now, Diem Dien town and its vicinity have been recognized as fourth-class urban areas by the Ministry of Construction. Along with urban construction and development planning, many industrial parks, industrial clusters, urban areas, industrial spots and trade villages have been approved for planning. Up to now, the whole province has had 7 industrial parks, 35 industrial clusters, tens of trade village industrial points that have been built and put into operation, attracting hundreds of projects, employing tens of thousands of laborers, contributing to economic growth of the province in the positive direction. Along with the construction of industrial parks, large urban areas are planned in the direction of modernization in both scale and infrastructure, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Anh, Director of Department of Construction, said: In the renovation process, the construction industry has achieved great results, assisting the province in effectively carrying out the state management on construction, architecture, planning, urban development, new rural construction ... Many planning projects that play an important role in the economic development of the province have been implemented as the general planning of Thai Binh city by 2035, vision to 2050; programs and plans for housing development in the province ... From then, contributing to the rapid development of infrastructure networks, urban works, houses and offices, creating a drastic change towards modernization for urban and rural areas, making an important contribution to the development of the province. In addition, the planning of new rural construction is also actively directed by the Department from guiding general planning, detailed planning for communes; evaluation, inspection and examination are strictly carried out. In the management and development of technical infrastructure, the Department has implemented a scheme to plan a network of solid waste disposal sites (not landfill) concentrated in the districts and cities; propose to transfer, integrate tasks and contents into district planning and city general planning according to the Planning Law. Coordinate with District People's Committees in identifying locations and scale of centralized waste treatment areas.

In addition, Department of Construction also focused on administrative reform with the goal of "Joining hands, accompanying, serving organizations and individuals working in the construction industry". The year 2019 marked the Department's determination to reform administrative procedures as reviewed and submitted to the provincial People's Committee for standardization and public implementation of 39 provincial administrative procedures, 9 district administrative procedures in the field of the industry; develop a list and internal processes for 100% of administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the Department and District People's Committee under the "5 on-site" plan. In 2019, the Department completed 1,021 records at the Center for Public Administration of the province, 100% was early and on time, recognized and appreciated by organizations and people.

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