An increase by 9.33% in Gross Regional Domestic Product over the same period

07:56 01/04/2019

On the morning of March 25th, Mr. Dang Trong Thang, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee cum Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee chaired the meeting to listen and give opinions on the first quarter socio-economic situation as well as objectives and tasks of the second quarter in 2019.

Mr. Dang Trong Thang, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee cum Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee delivered a speech at the meeting. Photo: Thanh Tam

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Attending the meeting were the members of the Standing Committee of the People's Council, the Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial Assembly Delegation; leaders of departments, branches, units and districts and cities.

At the end of the first quarter, despite many difficulties, the province's socio-economy has continued to make positive changes and achieved encouraging results in various fields with timely and close guidance from the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee and the efforts of all levels, sectors, business community and people in the province.

Gross Regional Domestic Product is estimated at over VND 12,349 billion, up 9.33% compared to the same period in 2018. Total production value is estimated at VND 33,547 billion, up 11.41% over the same period in 2018; of which, the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector is estimated to increase 2.87%, the industry and construction sector is estimated to increase by 15.83%, the service sector is estimated to increase 7.27% compared to 2018. In the spring crop of 2019, the whole province cultivates nearly 78,000 hectares of rice and nearly 14,600 hectares of crops.

The work of building new rural areas has been paid attention to by the branches and localities right from the beginning of the year, focusing on building a model of new rural village, new rural residential area, people's cemetery associated with new rural construction and advanced rural areas.

In industrial production, the whole province has 145 projects in industrial zones to go into production to date; many large corporations such as FLC Group, Hai Phat Group, Thaco Group, Idico Corporation, etc., are approved by the Provincial People's Committee to study investment in the province.

The management of budget has been carried out in accordance with regulations with the total local budget revenue estimated at VND 4,968.6 billion, accounting for 46.5% of the estimate, of which domestic revenue is estimated at VND 1,578 billion, showing an increase by 53% over the same period in 2018, revenue from import and export activities is estimated at 220 billion VND, reaching 20% of the estimate; total expenditure according to local budget balances is estimated at VND 2,770.5 billion, reaching 26% of the estimate.

Administrative reform has been strengthened, activities of the Public Administration Center at all levels have been effectively maintained, the number of procedures and time for administrative procedures are reviewed, reduced and shortened to create more favorable conditions for organizations and individuals. Regimes for policy beneficiaries and families of people with meritorious services to the revolution are strictly and promptly implemented. The situation of political security and social order and safety in the province is guaranteed.

At the meeting, delegates spent a lot of time reporting on the achieved results and proposing recommendations to better fulfill their assigned tasks.

Delegates attend the meeting. Photo: Thanh Tam

Upon addressing the conclusion, Mr. Dang Trong Thang highly appreciated the results achieved in socio-economic development in the first quarter of 2019; at the same time, frankly pointed out the limitations that need to be overcome, such as the complicated development of African swine fever, the slow implementation of some key projects leading to the failure to meet the set requirements, loose security and order and traffic safety at some time and in some places, the situation of violation of Directive No. 04 and 05 of the Provincial People's Committee, etc.

Regarding the key tasks in the coming time, he pointed out two outstanding issues that need to be implemented, which are the efforts to effectively implement the central and provincial resolutions; review of necessary issues for submission at the upcoming irregular session of the Provincial People's Council.

For agricultural production, it is necessary to focus on measures to prevent and control African swine fever, take measures to prevent the widespread spread of epidemics and assign the Agricultural sector to carry out research for the purpose of saving pigs immediately after the epidemic is over; proactively implement measures to prevent and fight pests for spring rice according to the actual situation, strengthen inspection of pesticide market; proactively check the safety of dykes, embankments and culverts, and work out plans to overcome, repair and build flood and storm prevention projects before the rainy season.

In the new rural construction, in order to ensure service conditions for the communes and districts to reach the target in 2019, he assigned the Department of Finance to advise on the payment of support to localities; at the same time, he assigned the Department of Planning and Investment to advise on bringing some works from Group 2 to Group 1 to speed up the implementation progress; urgently complete procedures related to the construction of residential areas and people's cemeteries according to the resolutions of the Provincial Standing Committee; complete the policy mechanism on rural clean water program.

Regarding the industrial production, he requested to focus on completing the planned tasks and building mechanisms and policies for Thai Binh Economic Zone; directing and removing difficulties for key projects to invest in the province and speeding up the implementation of key projects in the province; strengthening support and organizing monthly and quarterly meetings with enterprises on the basis of enterprise registration; developing plans to organize international fair of Red River Delta; taking initiative in land use planning and plans as a basis for enterprises to invest in the province.

In the financial and budgetary work, it is necessary to strengthen measures to increase budget revenues, actively save expenditures and allocate capital for new rural construction programs, poverty reduction and health and education programs.

In the field of culture and society, it is crucial to concentrate necessary conditions to complete the school year of 2018 - 2019, to control the epidemic in people, strengthen the control of medical examination and treatment to avoid causing troubles to people, propose autonomy in hospitals; and he also assigned to the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to advise on the merger of vocational training schools.

In addition, he also asked the departments, agencies, units and localities to perform well the inspection, citizen reception and settlement of complaints and denunciations of citizens; pay attention to implementing conclusions of inspection and auditing; resolving voters' petitions before, during and after the People's Council meetings at all levels; at the same time, he assigned the Provincial People's Committee Office to coordinate with the Department of Information and Communications to advise on the implementation of online public administration at level 4.