“Gift” of the sea

08:52 31/12/2018

Thai Binh is a Red River Delta province with 5 large estuaries flowing into the sea, creating a tidal yard area of ​​about 25,000 ha, it is favorable for the development of salt water and brackish water aquaculture including oyster. With more than 3,000 ha of aquaculture, the output is over 70,000 - 100,000 tons, oyster has confirmed the position of major aquatic animal, not only serves the domestic consumption but also export to the markets of EU, Japan, Korea... brings high economic efficiency.

The development of oyster breeding is a great policy to exploit the potential, advantages and area of the coastal tidal yard area, create a new breakthrough in the development of aquaculture in general, and contribute to the economic growth in agriculture and rural area of Thai Binh.

According to the report of the Agency of Fisheries, up to now, the area of ​​oyster breeding in the province has reached 3,300ha, concentrates in two districts of Tien Hai and Thai Thuy, the output reaches from 70,000 - 100,000 tons/year, accounting for 50% of oyster output of the country, creates jobs for more than 10,000 people, contributes to the improvement of income, hunger elimination and poverty reduction, step by step enriches the people. Determining the economic efficiency from oyster breeding, Thai Binh has already taken strategic steps for more sustainable oyster breeding career, in which there is planning on suitable production area. From the overall planning orientation for oyster breeding development in the period of 2011 - 2015, vision to 2020, two districts of Tien Hai and Thai Thuy have planned in detail the sub-zones on the basis of reality conditions of each locality.

Mr. Do Van Tien, Vice Head of Office of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thai Thuy district, said: In 2012, Thai Thuy district planned in detail 6 oyster breeding sub-zones in the coastal tidal yard area of ​​the district with a total area of ​​1,472.1ha, organized the auction and handed over the premise to the winning bidders to produce, breed the oyster. Up to now, the district has 1,300ha of oyster breeding in Thuy Truong, Thai Thuong and Thai Do communes. The average productivity of commercial oyster is 30 - 35 tons/ha/year, the income value is 350 - 450 million VND/ha/year.

Together with the planning of breeding area, Thai Binh has directed the deployment, establishment of control areas, supervision of food safety in harvesting the oyster. Since 2003, Thai Binh has been selected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as one of the two Northern localities to implement the national supervision program on food safety and hygiene in bivalve mollusks at the oyster breeding area in ​​two communes of Dong Minh and Nam Thinh (Tien Hai) with an area of ​​1,942ha implemented by Agency of agro-forestry and fishery quality management, twice a month, take the water sample, oyster sample for checking. Dong Minh and Nam Thinh oyster breeding areas have been recognized for many years by the European Union (EU) as a food safety breeding area at level B, the product meets the quality of exporting to European market.

Ms. Do Thi Van Anh, Head of Office of agro-forestry and fishery quality management (Agency of agro-forestry and fishery quality management) said: in 2017, the Agency controlled and issued 540 certificates of origin to 9,525 tons of oyster as raw materials for processing and export. In 2018, we conducted 26 stages of taking supervision samples, so far, the Agency has issued 418 certificates of origin for 6,700 tons of oyster.

The important point to affirm the position, open up great opportunities for oyster breeding career should be mentioned, it was the important turning point: in 2017, the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (Ministry of Science and Technology) confirmed the trade name of Thai Binh oyster.

This success is expected to help Thai Binh oyster participate actively to the modern consumption chain nationwide, is a prerequisite to attract the enterprises to invest in increasing the value of oyster product.

In addition to the commercial oyster breeding, Thai Binh province has also approved the project for developing the production of breeding oyster in the period of 2017 - 2020, with the orientation to 2025 with the objective of developing high quality breeding oyster with good resistance, rapid growth to provide to the market inside and outside the province, thereby improving the efficiency of commercial oyster breeding, increasing the value and developing stably, especially controlling the oyster quality. It is strive that by 2025, Thai Binh will be fully active in the source of breeding oyster.

There is a great opportunity but it is also not a small challenge for the government as well as the oyster breeding farmers in the province because the market has strict requirements on quality, especially the guarantee of food safety and hygiene.

In order to develop stably the oyster breeding career and expand the production of other bivalve mollusks, in the coming time, Thai Binh will intensify the training, professional and technical improvement for oyster breeding households; strengthen and expand international cooperation in the field of research and science and technology transfer to develop the oyster breeding, especially the countries with experience in this field such as China, Thailand. Along with that, pay attention to directing the planning and investment in building synchronously the infrastructure of breeding areas; actively promote the successful building of the trade name of Thai Binh oyster.