Feb 26, 2017 | 20:42 GMT+7
ID number issued date description
ID number issued date description
1 3672/QD-UBND 9/12/2019 Approving the Tasks and Estimate of setting out boundary landmark under the project for general planning on construction of Thai Binh Economic Zone, Thai Binh province to 2040, vision to 2050.
2 790/QD-UBND 4/16/2019 On the Investment Promotion Plan in 2019, Thai Binh Province PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE OF THAI BINH PROVINCE
3 3602/QD-UBND 4/16/2019 On promulgating the Coefficient of adjusting the land price in 2019 in Thai Binh province
4 623 / QD-UBND 1/3/2019 Aproval of housing development plan in Thai Binh Province in 2019
5 1271/QD-UBND 6/25/2018 Approving the Plan on Housing development of Thai Binh province in 2018
6 3950/QD-UBND 1/3/2018 DECISION On the establishment of Foreign Affairs Department of Thai Binh province
7 2671/QD-UBND 11/21/2018 On promulgating the Project for production in Spring crop and Summer crop in 2019
8 36/2017/QD-TTg 12/23/2019 On establishing Thai Binh Economic Zone, Thai Binh province
9 3324/QD-UBND 1/15/2019 Promulgating the plan on deploying the implementation of the Resolution No. 139/NQ-CP dated 9/11/2018 of the Government promulgating the Action program on cutting down the costs for enterprise
10 08/QD-SNgV 1/3/2018 DECISION On issuing Regulation defining functions, responsibilities, powers, organizational structure, principles and working principle of divisions within Department of Foreign Affairs
11 932/QD-UBND 6/25/2018 Announcing the List of newly promulgated administrative procedures in the field of public property management under the settlement competence of Management Board of Economic Zones and Industrial Zones of Thai Binh province.