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Several folk dances in Thai Binh traditional festivals.

Thai Binh is a densely populated province with early agricultural development. A large proportion of population is dependent on agriculture with fishing and craft industry considered the secondary jobs. Nevertheless, the spiritual life is very plentiful and diversified, which is clearly presented in annual festivals.

Festival of Bat Trung Village

Bat Trung Village is located in Hoa Binh Commune, Kien Xuong district. In the past, temples, shrines for worshipping Trieu Quang Phuc and his commanders were built in a large area but they were damaged and only reserved one shrine.

Water puppetry

Water puppetry first appeared in the Ly Dynasty (1010-1225), is a sophisticated art combination of artists, puppets, puppeteers, etc.

Ba Thon Temple

Ba Thon Temple is located in the Quang Lang Village, now belonging to Thuy Hai Commune, Thai Thuy District. In the past, Ba Thon Temple Festival had many traditional games of fishermen but the most important impress was water procession.

The person who “keeps the passion” for “Giao co giao quat” dance (known as flag and fan dance)

Flag and fan dance is the unique and ancient one and it is also the pride of many generations of Giang villagers in particular and Thai Binh people in general. Legend has it that this folk dance was invented by Princess Tran Thi Quy Minh (daughter of King Tran Due Tong). Because she wanted to be against the marriage between these people in same family tree, she left imperial city and travel in the east of Long Hung prefecture to establish hamlet and village. Her dance was based on the story of “Chieu Quan cong Ho”, and then it was taught to villagers and gradually became a form of cultural activity as well as good tradition of Giang village.

Festival of Duong Xa Village

Duong Xa village is now located in Tien Duc Commune, Hung Ha District. Under old rules of the village, annual Spring Festival begins on the day 5th and 6th of Lunar January for the purpose of sacrifice to Tran Nhat Hieu.

Festival of Mr. Dung and Mrs. Da

Quang Lang village was belonged to Thuy Van District, Thai Binh Prefect, Son Nam Ha Region in Tran Dynasty. Nowadays, Quang Lang village is located in Thuy Hai Commune, Thai Thuy District, Thai Binh Province where is famous for its unique festivals such as Festival of Water procession (25th of Lunar January), Festival of worshipping Tutelary God (27th of Lunar July) and especially Festival of Mr. Dung and Mrs. Da on every 14th Lunar April right in flourishing Dung flower season.

Sky Lantern Releasing Competition

Sky lantern releasing competition was held in Trinh Pho Commune (now is An Ninh and Phuong Cong Communes, Tien Hai District) and written in “Thai Binh Geographic Review” since 1900. According to regulations, the lantern is made of a big bamboo basket covered with thin layer of paper and opened bottom to put a bowl of lard as the “wick” for the lantern.

Traditional water puppet in Nguyen village - A unique cultural heritage

Water puppet is a highly emotive and age-old typical kind of folk stage, closely bound to rural culture and wet rice civilization in the Red River Delta in Northern Vietnam. It depicts life of working, production, fighting and victory over natural disasters and enemies truthfully so as to improve nature, establish society and complete human being. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that most of performances reflect daily life, religious customs from one generation to another generation of wet rice- growing residents.

Keo Pagoda Festival

Keo Pagoda is one of the most unique wonders of Vietnam located in Duy Nhat Commune, Vu Thu District.

Visiting agricultural festivals

Agricultural festivals are those which reflect the life of farmers in the process of doing agriculture, rehabilitating the nature, building villages. These festivals are very diverse and are held according to season, the agricultural production cycle or the harvest time of local areas, mainly at the end of the harvest and at the beginning of the transplant.

Boat competition festival in Diem River (on the January 12th of the lunar calendar)

In the morning of February 25th, 2010 (January 12th of the lunar calendar), Diem Dien Town (Thai Thuy) jubilantly organized the traditional boat competition festival in the historic Diem river- the homeland of the revolutionary forefather Nguyen Duc Canh.

The belief of worshipping water and the ritual of praying for water and rain in Keo pagoda festival

Like the festivals of residents living mainly by farming water rice, Keo pagoda festival is not beyond strong ties of traditional cultural history among agriculture- rural areas- peasants. It is a form of cultural activities in the community which is closely bound to spiritual life of people working in the field. Therefore, Keo pagoda festival is the festival of agricultural civilization, beliefs and rituals.

Spring Festival of Tong Vu village

Tong Vu is located in Vu Chinh Commune, Thai Binh City. The spring festival is held in communal house of the villages with a variety of traditional games and competitions

Spring Festival of Hoi Village

Hoi Village is located in Tan Le Commune, Hung Ha District, has a plenty of festivals in a year.

The beliefs and rituals of sacrificing in Keo pagoda festival

Keo pagoda has been recognized as a special national relic for its unique historical, cultural, architectural and artistic values. From cultural view of point, Keo pagoda festival imbues with unique beliefs and rituals, in which the belief of worshipping God and ritual of sacrificing God is the most outstanding features.

Clay Firecracker Competition

During early springtime, in Thai Binh province, there are many villages organizing clay firecracker competition between them or within their own villagers. The competition is a traditional custom, originated from Tran Dynasty.

Sao Den Festival - The Unique Kite-flying Festival

Among festivals of Thai Binh Province, there is a unique festival on the way to Keo Pagoda Festival named Sao Den Festival. Sao Den festival begins from 20th to 27th of Lunar March in Song An Commune, Vu Thu District. During the festival, both locals and tourists gather with joyful and enthusiastic feelings because they are aware that this place is the cradle of mellifluous Vietnam popular opera and they have chance of listening sweet popular melodies.

Culture in villages of Thai Binh Province

The populations of Thai Binh Province are mostly depended on agriculture, so that they mainly live in countryside; consequently, culture of Thai Binh Province is characterized with countryside style.

Hai Thon Temple Festival

Hai Thon Temple located in Cu Lam District, now is Phuong Tao Village, Xuan Hoa Commune. Legend has it that this was hometown of the Queen Do Thi Khuong – Wife of Ly Nam De King (or Ly Bi). Ly Bi found that this place was a good land so he decided to build palace, bastion and entrust management to Do Thi Khuong.

Festival of To Xuyen Village

To Xuyen Village is now located in An My Commune, Quynh Phu District. It is an ancient land of the prince consorts and princesses’ family of the Tran Dynasty.

Visiting Tien La to commemorate the merits of the female general Bat Nan

The annual big festivals include: Thượng nguyên festival (from the 1st to the 4th day of the first lunar month), the edict-like announcement about festival opening ceremony - water procession (on the 10th day of the third lunar month); the great festival day of anniversary of death (from the 17th day to the 18th day of the third lunar month); great festival of birthday (on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month); the festival to commemorate the uprising (on the 10th day of the eleventh lunar month).

Lang Festival

Lang Festival is known as Dat Man Pagoda Festival. It is also named Phuc Thang Pagoda, Hoi Pagoda or Lang Pagoda. And ancestral temple of Zen Master Do Do under Ly Dynasty – Progenitor of Hoang Giang Denomination was built upon old foundation of royal step-over place of Ly Thanh Tong King, belonging to Lang Village, now is Song Lang Commune, Vu Thu District.

Festival of Xuan La Village

Xuan La village has the Vietnamese hieroglyph name as La or Sa village located in Quynh Xa Commune, Quynh Phu District.

Festival of Vu Nghi Village

Vu Nghi Village is located in Thai Hung Commune, Thai Thuy District. In the past, the festival was opened from 12th to 15th Lunar November to commemorate Horse Monsignor and on the occasion of the Holy Mother’s Death Anniversary on 20th September.

Festival of Tuoc Village

Tuoc village has its pen name as Duyen Tuc, formerly belonged to An Lac Canton, Tien Hung District, but it is now come together with Duyen Trang Village then forming Phu Luong Commune in Dong Hung District. In former days, Festival of Tuoc Village had divided into many periods with various regulations.

Festival of To Xuyen Village

To Xuyen Village is now located in An My Commune, Quynh Phu District. It is an ancient land of the prince consorts and princesses’ family of the Tran Dynasty.

Festival of Thuong Liet Village

Thuong Liet Village is located in Dong Tan Commune, Dong Hung District, whose the Vietnamese hieroglyph is Giang village. The festival is opened on 5th Lunar January.
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