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Fishery resource

Thai Binh has plentiful and diversified fishery resource (including freshwater fishery, brackish fishery and salt water fishery).


Thai Binh is a coastal province. It is located in the South of Red river delta area, in the effect region of economic growth triangular of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh, near the provinces in the Northern key economic Regions. These dynamic development areas impact strongly on socio-economic development process of Thai Binh province. In the recent years, Thai Binh province had strong development steps under a general plan with long-term line of vision and reasonable step to integrate and develop with the provinces in the region.

Trading - service

4.1. On import and export

Actual situation of development of production sectors

5. 1. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Industry sector

5.2.2. Actual situation of development to 2010

Cultural - social activities

6.1. Education - training


a. On health foundations

Culture - sports

The activity of culture and information is one the strengths of Thai Binh province. From 1990, the sector of Culture - sports of Thai Binh combined with government levels, sectors and organizations to launch deeply and widely many movements and gained considerable results at the foundation.


7.1. Transport network

Science - technology and environment

Over the past years, many scientific - technological advances, initiatives and technical improvements were applied efficiently in production and life. Technical infrastructure and application of information technology in economic management and State management developed strongly.

Advantage for socio - Economic Development of Thai Binh

- Located in big region for producing food and foodstuff of Red river delta, ecological and natural conditions are very favorable for developing agriculture comprehensively, the structure of crop plants and domestic animal plentifully and in a diversified way, and aquaculture, especially salt water and brackish water.

Population and human resources

In 2010, average population of Thai Binh will be 1,786 thousand people, accounting for 9.5% in comparison to the population of Red river delta area and about 2.17% in comparison to the population of the whole country; in which female accounts for 52.23%, male accounts for 47.77%. Average population density will be 1,203 people /km2, 1.28 times higher than that of Red river delta area and 4.6 times higher than that of the whole country.
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