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A city flexible in industrial development

Date: 15/04/2017

    To be worthy of a political, economic, cultural and social center of the province, during the past time, Thai Binh city has invested in comprehensive development in all fields, in which the mechanisms, policies and priorities for investment in industrial development have flexibly been applied.


Cotec Plastics Co., Ltd (Phuc Khanh Industrial Park) has created employment for nearly 400 employees

It can be affirmed that in the past years, the business investment environment in the city has made much improvement, especially since the Public Administration Center has come into operation together with the administrative reformation, create favourable conditions for the Investors to comply with the procedures of investment, request of land lease. The planning of intensive industrial parks and complexes, ensuring the land fund for industrial development, ready to receive the investment projects are concerned by the city. The infrastructure of industrial parks and complexes is increasingly invested, creating favorable conditions for the enterprises to invest in production and business. The executive committee, authority from the city to communes and wards perform well the State management in the field of investment, contributing to creating favorable environment and legal corridors for the development of enterprises. Therefore, by the end of 2016, the number of registered businesses in the city was 2,187 enterprises, increasing by 25% in comparison with 2015 and it was the province having the largest number of enterprises investing in the province.

The biggest advantage of the city is the four intensive industrial parks with the total planned land area of 515.46 ha, attracting 100 investment projects with a total registered capital of 16,278.11 billion dong. The total area of actually used land is 256.63ha, in which Nguyen Duc Canh Industrial Park, Gia Le Industrial Park and Phuc Khanh Industrial Park achieve the full rate of 100%, Song Tra Industrial Park has the full rate of more than 40%. The development of industrial zones has created employment for nearly 40,000 employees in the city and neighbouring districts.

 In addition, the city has two intensive industrial complexes with the total land area of 87.1ha, attracting 87 investment projects with a total actual investment of VND 821.92 billion, creating employment for over 4,000 employees.

Along with that, the city also attaches special importance to maintain and develop the traditional craft villages. Among 10 craft villages, there are two of them has no longer been in operation, while the remaining villages have still developed vigorously such as Dong Hai wood processing village (Vu Chinh commune), Nam Tho food processing village (Dong Tho commune). The production value of the craft village has contributed to increase the value of industrial production in the area. In 2016, the production value of the village was estimated at 120 billion dong, creating employment for more than 2,000 employees.


Thanh Phat Leather Shoe Co., Ltd is oriented to export to the Russian Federation market.

Besides the achievements, the city also has many difficulties and limits in industrial development such as compensation and ground clearance which cause the slow implementation of many projects. The supporting industry has just been developed so it is still weak, the number of developed businesses is still slow, number of products, the small-sized enterprises, and low investment capital lead to weak competitiveness, there has no main products bringing high economic value. Although the labor force is great, its quality of human resources is still limited, lack of skilled and professional laborers.

Industrial development orientation of the city in the future will focus on exploiting all potentials, strengths and mobilizing all resources for industrial development, encouraging investment in new technologies and techniques for key traditional industries of the city such as textiles and garments, footwear, mechanics of equipment and spare parts manufacture, processing agricultural products, food, beverages, etc., encouraging the development of clean, high value-added and high-tech industries, structuring the industry towards the production of high-class consumer products, supporting industries, and electronic and electrical equipment industry, enhancing the competitiveness of the market and at the same time investing in development of highly exportable commodities. In addition, it will attract investment in IT development to become an economic sector that contributes to the overall growth of the city by 2020.

With regard to the target set forth for the period 2017-2020, the city will increase more than 200 enterprises per year, create employment for about 5,800 workers each year.

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