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Date: 12/04/2017

    (The speech of Mr. Nguyen Hong Dien, Member of the Central party, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee at the conference of investment promotion in agriculture and rural development in Thai Binh Province)


Mr. Nguyen Hong Dien, Member of the Central party, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee was making speech at the opening ceremony of the conference.

Dear Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Member of Politburo, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; 

Dear the leaders of the Party and State; Ministries, sectors and branches, central organizations; leaders of provinces and cities; 

Dear Mr. Pham Van Sinh, Secretary of the provincial Committee of the Party; the leaders of the province through each period; 

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today, it is Thai Binh province’s honor to welcome the Prime Minister, leaders of the Party and State; representatives of departments, ministries, industries and central organizations; leaders of provinces and cities; distinguished guests and representatives of domestic and foreign businesses and entrepreneurs to the conference of investment promotion in agriculture and rural development in Thai Binh province.

On behalf of the leadership of the province, I would like send our best regards to the leaders, distinguished guests and total comrades.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Thai Binh is a coastal province, with a natural area of over 1,500 km2 and a population of over 1.8 million, located in the Southeast of the Red River Delta, in the economic corridor of the North Delta; having a convenient road, inland waterway and sea transport systems which are favorable for economic exchange and development, etc.

It is the land formed mainly by the sedimentation of alluvium of the rivers, together with the strengthening dikes, sea encroachment and agriculture production of many generations, Thai Binh now proves to be a very potential province having many advantages in agricultural development, processing industry of agricultural product and support industries agricultural service. Thanks to its flat topography, dense river system, fertile and vegetable soil, four season climate, 54km long coastline, over 250km2 tidal flats with diversified fishery resources; hard-working and dynamic inhabitants with a tradition and a high level of cultivation to access and adapt to new technical advances and technologies, etc. In addition, Thai Binh is also endowed with sand dunes and pure coastal mangrove swamps by the nature, which are recognized by UNESCO as the core zone of the biosphere reserve area of the wetlands in the red river delta; it is the province having many famous traditional craft villages and unique garden villages; cultural and historical works which are ranked at national level and especially national level, hundreds of traditional festivals which are preserved and developed - those are very favorable conditions for the development of ecological tourism, countryside experience tourism, spiritual culture in the agricultural production and rural areas in the province.

With the above potentialities and advantages, from ancient times to the present, Thai Binh is always considered the key agricultural production area of the Red River Delta and the whole country. When the country was at war, the level of science and technology was still backward, the conditions of cultivation were very difficult ... Thai Binh rose to be the first leading locality of the whole country and the North, reached 5 tons of paddy/ha, along with the development of the patriotic and revolutionary tradition of the heroic homeland, Thai Binh always completed excellently the task of troop delivery, worthily contributing the human strength and property to the resistance war, national liberation and national defense. When the country was in peace and entered the innovation period, Thai Binh continued to be a pioneer in the movement of construction of electricity lines, roads, schools and stations; solidify traffic and interior field irrigation and it is now in the forefront of construction of new rural areas and supplies clean water to the rural area throughout the province.

Grasping thoroughly and implementing the guideline of the Party and State on the restructuring of agricultural production in combination with construction of new rural areas. In the past years, levels, industries and localities in the province have focused on building, completing the planning of production areas, field planning and "land consolidation and conversion" in all communes and towns; overcoming part of the small, dispersal situation on the paddy fields of each household; interior field traffic and irrigation systems are invested and upgraded; mechanizing and applying technical advances to agricultural production are further promoted; the big field construction movement has achieved positive results. Up to now, there are over 70% of level 1 canals and interior field traffic systems have been strengthened; total land preparation and more than 70% of harvesting are done mechanically; nearly 300 of large fields with area of ​​over 13,000ha has been constructed and developed, along with many farms, large-sized household farms, advanced and modern technology; the productivity of rice and all crops are at high level compared to the average of the whole country and other provinces in the region. At the same time, Thai Binh has attracted nearly 100 investment projects in agricultural and rural areas with the total investment capital of nearly VND10,000 billion, creating more jobs, increasing incomes and improving the physical and spiritual life of the people.

However, the province’s current agricultural production method is still generally traditional: the scale of production is small; cultivation area is dispersive; the output of agricultural products is unstable; the abuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in production is still widespread, greatly affecting the quality and value of agricultural products. In order to overcome the above limits, the guideline of provincial Committee of the Party, People's Council and People's Committee is to continue to promote the restructuring of agriculture in direction of commodity production and sustainable development; intensify the attraction of organizations and individuals (especially big enterprises and groups) to invest in hi-tech agricultural production in the value chain from production to processing and consumption of products to increase the value of agricultural products, income and people’s living standard. Accordingly, Thai Binh focused on 5 strategic breakthroughs in agricultural production, including: development and replication of high-value and clean agricultural production models in ecological regions; enhance the building of hi-tech agricultural models; actively call for and attract investment in the construction of industrial parks and complex in service of agriculture; pay attention to the training of managers and laborers with technical and professional skills to serve the agricultural production and rural construction and development according to new requirements; at the same time, develop the type of experience tourism, ecological tourism, history, culture, spirit in the agricultural and rural areas of the province. In order to conduct the above five breakthroughs, the province focused on directing the implementation of three major solutions: Focusing on reviewing, adjusting and supplementing agricultural and rural development planning (especially the planning of agricultural land use); promoting the implementation of land accumulation, attracting investment in the development of clean agriculture and goods chain production on the basis of compliance to the applicable regulations of law; intensify propaganda and mobilization, create a common consensus of all levels, industries and classes in implementation.

With such guideline, Thai Binh is enhancing the land accumulation in form of mobilizing people who have fields but not have production demands to voluntarily authorize the local government to sign contracts with organizations and individuals who have demands and financial condition, scientific and technological potentials for concentrated agricultural production with the duration of land lease, rental and payment method as agreed between the lessee and lessor on the basis of conformity  with applicable regulations of law. By this mechanism and method, up to now, the province has mobilized over 7,000ha of agricultural land and attracted 5 big economic groups (TH Group, Truong Hai Group, Loc Troi Group, Geleximco Group and Hoa Phat Group), and many other businesses who have been investing and developing agricultural production in the province. These are the key factors and forces contributing to the restructuring of the province's agriculture towards commodity production, applying high technology and clean technology to create safe products, meeting the demand for domestic consumption and export.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The investment promotion conference on this day is a step of concretizing the Party's and State's guidelines and direction of the Government and Prime Minister on the restructuring of the economy and manufacturing industries in the whole country and each locality; At the same time, it is a forum for Thai Binh to introduce and promote potentials, strengths and opportunities for investment in agriculture and rural areas of the province, as well as showing the high commitment and political determination of the executive committee of the party and local authorities with domestic and international investors to promote investment attraction, transfer of advanced and clean agricultural production technology and bring agricultural products and commodities of Thai Binh to the domestic and overseas market.

Through this conference, Thai Binh one more time invites and warmly welcomes the enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors to study and seek for investment opportunities and investment cooperation in the province, especially in the areas where the province has many potentials and advantages but having not been exploited and promoted effectively, contributing to creating a breakthrough in socio-economic development of the locality, as well as the development and higher success of the businesses.

The executive committee of the party, authority and people of Thai Binh are deeply aware that: Today, the business is the driving force, motive force of the local economy; the investors and entrepreneurs who are doing the righteous business are its benefactors. Therefore, our guideline is: "To help the businesses rise up for Thai Binh’s development", considering the success of the business as its own. We commit and affirm that: Thai Binh is always an attractive and reliable address for domestic and foreign investors; always listening, understanding, adjusting and accompanying with the enterprises to promptly remove difficulties and problems in production and business; continuing to accelerate the administrative reformation in the direction of reduced procedure, simplifying the composition of the dossiers and reducing the administrative procedure to half of the current time; At the same time, the province will appoint competent, prestigious and responsible staff to directly support and assist the investors in carrying out procedures related to the investment and business in order to create the most favorable conditions for the enterprises upon investment in the province.

With regard to the mechanism and policy of investment incentives, Thai Binh commits to fully and timely implement the current policies of the State; At the same time, depending on the scale, nature and content of each project; based on the specific proposals and suggestions of the investors, the provincial Committee of the Party, People's Council and People's Committee to study and promulgate particular and effective mechanisms and policies on the basis of conformity with the applicable regulations of the State to support the enterprises in investing, doing long term and effective business in the locality.

On this occasion, on behalf of the Party committee, authority and people of Thai Binh province, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Party, State, committees, ministries, industries, central organizations; provinces and cities; domestic and international organizations and individual leaders; I sincerely thank the community of businesses and entrepreneurs at home and abroad for their support, assistance and effective contribution to the development of all aspects of the province during the past time. I sincerely hope to continue to receive more attention and support from all levels, industries, organizations and individuals and all of you for Thai Binh’s faster, stronger and more sustainable development in the future.

In such spirit, on behalf of the provincial Committee of the Party, People's Council, People's Committee, I would like to announce the opening of the investment promotion conference on agriculture and rural development in Thai Binh province. We wish the leaders, distinguished guests, comrades, and all of you good health and happiness. Wish our conference great success

Thank you very much!


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