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Advantage for socio econimic development of Thai Binh

- Located in big region for producing food and foodstuff of Red river delta, ecological and natural conditions are very favorable for developing agriculture comprehensively, the structure of crop plants and domestic animal plentifully and in a diversified way, and aquaculture, especially salt water and brackish water.


Tropical climate of coastal delta area is affected by monsoon. In summer, it is hot and rainy much from May to October; the cold and dry season is from November of previous year to April of the following year. Average temperature in the year is 23 - 24oC, the lowest temperature is at the level of 4oC and the highest one is up to 38 - 39oC.

Land resource

Land of Thai Binh province is mainly land deposited by the system of Red river and Thai Binh river, thus in general, it is good and favorable for the development of agriculture comprehensively with plentiful and diversified plant and animal structures.

Mineral resource

In earth’s womb in coastal area, there is fuel gas resource. Tien Hai C gas mine was exploited from 1981 with average productivity per year is above 20 million m3 of natural gas.


Thai Binh province is located in the monsoon tropical area, it receives an great annual rainfall (1,700 – 2,200 mm). In addition, the area is separated by large rivers, which are tributaries of the Red River, before running into the sea


Thai Binh geography is characterized by little land fund for natural plants to develop, so that wild animals are hard to find a place to live.

Climate characteristics

The climate of Thai Binh province is basically monsoon humid tropics. Thai Binh has an average temperature of 23º-24ºC , the total operating temperature for the year is 8400-8500°C, with the sun shining between 1600 and 1800 hours, the total rainfall for the year is 1700 – 2200 mm, the air humidity is 80-90%. Monsoon brings Thai Binh a cold winter with little rain, a hot rainy summer and two short transitional periods.

Mineral potential of the province

Thai Binh province has following minerals: gas, lignite, titanium (ilmenite), pottery clay, brick clay, hot mineral water, the detailed research results are as follows:

Soil resources

Thai Binh Soil was formed basically by the alluvium consolidation of the major river system, including the Red River, Tra Ly River (a tributary of the Red River), Luoc River (also a tributary of the Red River), Thai Binh River.


Thai Binh Province is located in the southeast of Red River Delta, between 20º17' North latitude and 20º49' North latitude, from 106º06' East longitude to 106°39' East longitude, it has a natural area of 1546 km² (2003)
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