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Vinh Lam marquis the Top-ranking General Bui Cong Nghiep

In April in the 7th year of Thieu Bao (91285), he followed Chieu Van Vuong Tran Nhat Duat joined the battle in Tay Ket. He fought really tenaciously. Our army took advantage of the victory to regain Chuong Duong, Ham Tu, The Citadel. The victory was partly contributed by Bui Cong Nghiep.

Tran Thi Dung – the "Female Logistics General" of Tran dynasty

In the history of resisting the foreign invaders to protect the country of our nation, women had a very important role. The role was partly built by the characteristics of the nation's history and by the traditional concept that: when the enemy comes, even women must fight.

The Minister Quach Dinh Bao

His hometown was in Phuc Khe Tien commune (now Thai Phuc commune, Thai Thuy district). He was both a talented minister and a great author as well as an exemplary teacher.

Tham hinh vien su Bui Moc Dac

The history books wrote “In February in the year of the dragon (Giáp Thìn), the 12th year of Hung Long (1304), Bui Moc Mac was appointed as Tri hậu bạ thư chánh trưởng to guard Thanh Tu palace (i.e. the cabinet director of the royal household of the king father Nhan Tong) "

The high-ranking mandarin Pham Kinh An

His homeland was in Dang Xa village, Hung Ha district. He was originated from the famous mandarin Pham Cu Luong, who greatly contributed to the elevation of Le Dai Hanh to come to the throne, was the major general to help Tien Le Dynasty to defeat Tong enemy, the first mandarin of Tien Le dynasty. He was offered Dang Xa land by Le Dai Hanh. Because he contributed to the richness of the homeland, he was elevated to the tutelary god by the people.

The high-ranking mandarin Hung prince Dinh Lan

During his childhood, his name was Dinh Ton Nha. Dinh’s family annals in Do Ky – Y Dung wrote: The state affairs of Tran Dynasty (turmoil), there was man, whose last name was Dinh and first name was Thinh, was good in literature and had fine writing.

The Great tutor Tran Thu Do

Tran Thu Do (1194 - 1264), who significantly contributed to the founding of Tran dynasty, was appointed the National Highest Father and the Great tutor by the King. With his talent and charisma, he reinforced the country to be more powerful in terms of politics, economics, and military ... He played a very important role in the victory of the first resistance war against Mongol – Yuan invaders (1258). He was immortalized with the immortal saying: 'My head has not fallen down to the ground yet, please do not worry, Your Majesty’.

The trivium and the first-rank doctorate second laureate Le Quy Don

Once Le Quy Don was on a long journey, ate at a restaurant. When paying, Don held and looked into the debit logbook of the restaurant owner shop on the table. After a while, when he came back to the area, the restaurant was on fire, the restaurant husband and wife complained to Don that ' The logbook that you was the last time was also burnt, now I can not remember who owe us and how much they owe us, so that we can demand payment' . Don stood and thought for a moment and took the pen to record the full list of outstanding debt and handed it to the innkeeper.

Tam Duong where the temples and toms of deceased kings of Tran dynasty are placed

In the national history of Vietnam, the placement of the temples of deceased kings of feudal dynasties was identified as an important matter related to the fate of a royal dynasty. The temples of deceased kings and the state are sacred concepts, sharing the survival.

Ta Nhai Phung Ta Thang

Phung Ta Thang, whose hometown was in My Xa Commune, Thien Ngu district, Hung Long road (now in Phu Son commune , Hung Ha district), was the father of Noi Hau mandarin Phung Ta Chu. He was an excellent intellectual under Ly dynasty, a student of Do Do, who contributed to the formation of the Truc Lam sect. Phung Ta Thang’s students of Buddha's catechism were all key people of the royal blood of Tran dynasty.

Pham Boi

Pham Boi was descended from Pham family clan in Dong Dia Linh Village, An Bai commune, Quynh Phu district. He was a peer with the district education officer Pham Nhu Duc (in the same commune, a famous poet of Ho dynasty).

The internal lieutenant Bui Quoc Hung

Bui Quoc Hung’s hometown was in Tri Lai village, Tri Lai canton, Vu Tien district, Kien Xuong prefecture (now Phu Lac village, Phu Xuan commune, Thai Binh City). The maternal grandfather’s part of Ngo family annals wrote: "The ancestor of the maternal side is Bui Moc Dac, whose original hometown was in Kien Xuong prefecture, Vu Tien district, Co Lai commune. He worked as a feudal officials under Tran dynasty, gave birth to Bui Moc Duc and Bui Moc Dong... later moved to Kha Lam village”. Bui Moc Duc got married to Le Van Thinh’s daughter Le Thi Ngoc Trinh and gave birth to Bui Quoc Hung.

Musician Thai Co

Musician Thai Co is the author of the timeless songs such as Brooch Reef (Rặng trâm bầu), When the city lights up (Khi thành phố lên đèn) and Listen to the sound of homeland drums (Nghe tiếng trống quê hương) (a song about his Tien Hai homeland) ....

Nguyen Bao

Nguyen Bao’s hometown was in Tri Lai village (Thai Binh City). He devoted his entire life to teach the crown prince Tranh (King Le Hien Tong).

Paddy countryside intelligence soldier in Chin Ham prison

During our visit to the historic site Chin Ham in Thua Thien - Hue province, we discovered interesting things about the immortal people of Thai Binh hometown. Fortunately, the author of the book "Chin Ham death prison and secret stories about Ngo Dinh Can", who is the writer - journalist Duong Phuoc Thu – the Office of Manager of Thua Thien - Hue Association of Journalists, welcomed the delegation of Thai Binh Association of Journalists.

The capital Shou, cum high-ranking mandarin Tran Nhat Hieu

In January in the 7th year of Thieu Long (1264), the great tutor Tran Thu Do died. Considering the virtue and talent of all officials, King Tran Thai Tong promoted his paternal uncle Tran Nhat Hieu to be the great tutor. The history books wrote “In March (in the same year), he appointed Nhat Hieu the Royal Highest to be the State Minister”. At that time, the king appointed Nhat Hieu to be the great tutor, so he offered two words “State Minister” to become “State Minister and high-ranking mandarin” to discriminate with other high-ranking mandarins, and Nhat Hieu became the leader of the internal court.

The graduate of ritual school Nguyen Thi Lo

Her homeland was in Hai Trieu village (also known as Hai Ho), which was traditionally called Hoi village, Thanh Trieu canton, Ngu Thien district, Tan Hung prefecture (now in Tan Le commune, Hung Ha district ). Nguyen Thi Lo was born during Ho dynasty (1400) and died in Le Thai To reign (1442). She was born in a wealthy family. Her father was Nguyen Mo, a literate medicine man who could feel the pulse and prescribe.
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